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VINDICATION season 3 begins production in February 2022


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EVEN IF IT KILLS ME - short film


"A man who possesses an extraordinary ability grapples with the impending loss of his mother."

A short film by Chris Dickerson, starring Sam Stinson, Peggy Schott, Kelsey Pribilski, Chelsea Lane and introducing Jackson Just, is complete and submitting to festivals now. 

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Season 2 of VINDICATION is now available on Pure Flix, Redeem TV and Amazon Prime. DVDs can be purchased through Vision Video.


MALIGNANT wins Jury Award at SXSW

MALIGNANT short film by Morgan Bond & Nick Grisham, DP Taylor Camerot, starring KarieAnn Randol, Peggy Schott & Nick Stevenson had its World Premiere at SXSW Film Festival 2021 and won a Jury Award. 


ADDICT NAMED HAL premiered at 
Santa Barbara Film Festival and will have its Texas Premiere at Austin Film Festival - October 2021

The Texas made independent film ADDICT NAMED HAL, by Lane Michael Stanley,

Peggy plays the mother of the lead character.


VINDICATION season 2 - wrapped filming!

Filming is complete on 10 episodes of season 2 of VINDICATION crime drama series. Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime, PureFlix & Redeem TV.

Season 2 will will be available this Fall on PureFlix.

Lead characters Kris Tanner (Venus Monique), Gary Travis (Todd Terry) & Becky Travis (Peggy Schott) with series creator Jarod O'Flaherty.

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BULL - 3 Spirit Award Nominations

The Texas made independent film BULL, premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2020 and  has received 3 Spirit Award nominations.

Peggy plays the Teacher in the film. She also read the role of the grandmother in the early script read with the Austin Film Society at Richard Linklater's ranch, with Jonathan Demme in attendance. 

VINDICATION - season 2

Filming is complete for episodes 1 & 2 of Season 2 of VINDICATION, following Covid safety guidelines. 

VINDICATION - series now streaming

Season 2 - filming soon!!

Season One is Now Streaming on Amazon Prime, RedeemTV plus others and is available on DVD.

Peggy is a series regular in "Vindication", an episodic faith-based crime drama with actors Todd Terry, Emma Ella Roberts, Venus Monique & Steve Mokate.


< Click on the photo to see the Season One Trailer

Fear the Walking Dead - S5 wrap!

Celebrating with cast members from “Fear the Walking Dead”.


Peggy’s character Tess joined up with Morgan's crew and was part of 6 episodes in season 5 and  . . . she not dead, yet.

Lennie James gives a shout-out to Peggy Schott

At ATX Television Festival 2019, Lennie James gave Peggy a very kind shout-out during the "Fear the Walking Dead" Q&A.

<< click on the photo to see video

Introducing ... TESS on Fear the Walking Dead

Peggy Schott was introduced as TESS a new recurring character on AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” on the season 5 mid-season premiere EP509

<< Click the photo to see clips of Tess

BULL - Premiere at Cannes, Wins at Deauville, screens at SXSW

BULL by Annie Silverstein premiered at Cannes Film Festival - Un Certain Regard.

Peggy plays the role of Kris' teacher, Mrs Kelly in the feature film.

A few years ago she participated with other actors in the Austin Film Society workshop of an early version of the script with a table read including audience members Jonathan Demme and Richard Linklater.

AGE OUT (formerly Friday's Child)

Director AJ Edwards Austin & Waco filmed "Friday's Child" is now "Age Out" and is set for theatrical release. 


Peggy had an opportunity to act in a scene opposite Tye Sheridan in AJ Edwards film "Friday's Child" which had its World Premiere at SXSW 2018 and won awards at Shanghai International Film Festival. .


Peggy also was a member of the crew for this Austin & Waco, Texas independent film which also stars Imogen Poots who Peggy worked with in the feature film "A Country Called Home". 


"Laurie's Poem" in Film Festivals

"LAURIE'S POEM - A True Story" - Directed by Peggy Schott, Starring Avi Lake

Hill Country Film Festival - World Premiere

San Antonio Film Festival - with Encore Screening

Austin Revolution FF - Avi Lake Wins Best Youth Actress

Grapevine Film Festival

Lost River Film Festival

Rockport Film Festival

<< click on the photo for more information

THE PALE DOOR - Western Horror Feature Film

Peggy plays Mary Dalton in the Western horror feature film "The Pale Door" by Paper Street Pictures.

Her husband Vernon Dalton is played by Jonny Mars with their sons played by Devin Druid & Zachary Knighton and young versions of their characters by William Tate and Jake Ryan Scott. 

Peggy has worked with Paper Street Pictures in the lead role in "Honor Student" and in the horror anthology "Scare Package" which is set for its World Premiere at Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona. 


Peggy recreates the role of Septa Unella in Queen Cercei's walk of shame in the HBO "Game of Thrones" SXSW Activation.

SISTER AIMEE premieres at Sundance Film Festival

Peggy makes a featured appearance in the Austin made feature "Sister Aimee". 


Ronald Short's feature film "Good Feels on Wheels" had its Word Premiere at the Lone Star Film Festival 2018

and won BEST TEXAS FILM and screened at the Hill Country and Colorado Film Festivals.

Peggy loved playing quirky character Candace.

< Click on the photo to see the Trailer

SKYVAULT - series

Door Monster Entertainment filmed the pilot episode of their sci-fi series SKYVAULT with Peggy in the series regular role of Shay, the no-nonsense leader of the resistance movement.

<<< click the photo for IMDb

LAURIE'S POEM - World Premiere at HCFF

LAURIE'S POEM short film will have its World Premiere at Hill Country Film Festival in April - 

Peggy Directed the short film "Laurie's Poem" starring Avi Lake of the Netflix show "A Series of Unfortunate Events". 

The film is based on the autobiographical poem "Old Dolls" from the book "That Little Coker Boy" by Laurie Coker.

Laurie's Poem - will also screen at the San Antonio Film Festival and Austin Revolution Film Festival.

For more information

<<<<<<<<<click on the photo.


The short screenplay by Atomic Productions for "Iridescent" was selected by the Cannes Film Festival Committee. Peggy was asked to play a role opposite Holt Boggs in the film.

Directors/Producers Andrew & Ben Adams attended Cannes 2018 to represent the film.

More to come . . . 


Peggy was invited by the Texas Motion Picture Alliance to testify before the Texas Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Economic Development in support of Texas Film, the Texas Film CommissionUniversity of Texas Radio Television Film and the positive impact the industry has on small business and Texas residents! 
At the meeting there were:
- over 500 letters delivered by TXMPA to oppose SB99
- 50 people attending opposed to SB99
- 25 testifying opposed to SB99
- 1 person testifying to support it


Peggy was honored to be back on stage, playing the role of Evelyn in Diane Samuel's very powerful play "Kindertransport". 

Directed by Jim Lindsay, a co-production of First Baptist"s Trinity Street Players and Austin Jewish Repertory Theater.

Performances throughout April 2018.

HERE WE ARE - Premiere at Austin Film Festival

The feature film "Here We Are" premiered at Austin Film Festival 2017 and screened at the San Antonio Film Festival 2018.

Peggy, seen here with Director David Bellarosa, plays Dr. Wiley.

<<< click on the photo to see the trailer for HERE WE ARE


In "Adam's Room", written and directed by Meg Beatty (Friday's Child, Lazer Team) and produced by Cathleen Sutherland (Boyhood), Peggy plays Adam's Mother opposite Douglas Cunningham and Michael M. Hayes.

About 2 minutes after Midnight and picture wrap there was a surprise celebration for Peggy & Doug's shared birthday!

THE DEBT short film - Festivals

"The Debt" short film, written & directed by Chris Dickerson premiered at the Hill Country Film Festival 2017, won Best Texas Short Film at Austin Under the Stars in October 2017 and was nominated Best Suspense/Thriller at Chandler Film Festival. 2018. Upcoming screenings include Deep in the Heart Film Festival in Waco and Ft. Worth Indie Film Showcase.

The film stars Peggy Schott, Nick Stevenson (Orange is the New Black, The Son) and Samantha Ireland (Rooster Teeth) .

<<< click on the photo to see THE DEBT

WHEN WE BURN OUT - Feature Film

Peggy worked with Mike Gassaway, Lorelai Linklater, Tanner Kalina, Jacques Colimon and other talented young people on this psychadelic slacker comedy set at WonderWorld park in San Marcos.

Directed by Vanessa Pla.

Peggy appears in Miranda Lambert's music video."Vice".

<< Click the photo to see "Vice".

MISSIO "Can I Exist" Music Video

Peggy is the Producer of the music video for the Austin band Missio's song "Can I Exist".

Written and Directed by Jeff Ray.

WINNER -  BEST NARRATIVE at the Austin Music Video Festival 2016

WINNER -  BEST MUSIC VIDEO - AUDIENCE AWARD at the New Orleans Film Festival.2016


WINNER -  BEST OF FEST & BEST MUSIC VIDEO at Austin Under the Stars FF 2017

WINNER - BEST CIVIL RIGHTS FILM at Chandler International Film Festival 2018

Screened at Los Angeles Music Video Festival 2016, Hill Country Film Festival 2017 and in the Austin Film Society Shortcase at SXSW 2017.

<< Click on the photo to see "MISSIO - Can I Exist"

UPDATE: "Honor Student' Premiered Online on Film Shortage and has since received some very nice reviews:

UK Film Review 

Nightmarinsh Conjurings 

Indy Red 

The Missing Reel 

<<< Click on the photo to watch "Honor Student" on Film Shortage

Peggy is the lead actress in the short film HONOR STUDENT that premiered at Telluride Horror Show*, screened at the Dead by Dawn Film Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the Hill Country Film Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas where Peggy was nominated for Best Actress and at the San Antonio Film Festival.

Peggy won Best Actress from Indepenent Horror Movie Awards 2016 for her performance.


Peggy was honored to be asked to participate in the Austin Film Society Artist Intensive for Annie Silverstein;s "Bull" at the Linklater Ranch. It was extra special to be able to play a small role in the filming of the feature in June 2018.


Peggy appears opposite Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davis, Ryan Bingham and June Squibb in this Nicolas Gonda Produced feature now on NETFLIX

<<< click on the photo to see clips of Peggy in A COUNTRY CALLED HOME

WAITING.... A Veterans' Film - wins Best Dark Comedy at Austin Comedy Short Fest

Waiting.... writer/director Eric Morton is a Navy veteran. The film is based on his personal struggles to get mental health services through the VA.
Peggy plays various incarnations of a character in the film, all representing roadblocks in the system.

<< Click on the photo to see the Trailer.

THE NEW MACHINE - wins Best Short Film at Austin Indie Fest

Peggy plays the lead role in the short film "The New Machine" which premiered at the Indie Meme South Asian Film Festival in Austin, Texas and has screened at the San Antonio Film Festival, Tyler Film Festival, Kansas Film Festival, WON BEST SHORT FILM at Austin Indie Film Festival and and screened at the Chandler International Film Festival & Chandler Multi-Cultural Festival.

The film is Written and Directed by Sai Premod Mohan and Produced by Laura Galt Snavely.

<< Click on the photo for more information

WHEN WE BURN OUT - screened at Lost River Film Fest in San Marcos

"When We Burn Out" is a Psychedelic slacker comedy feature filmed mostly at Wonder World Park in San Marcos, Texas. Director Vanessa Pla, actress Lorelei Linklater and others attended a sneak peek screening of the film for the city of San Marcos at Lost River Film Fest.

Mike Gassaway & Peggy Schott play Uncle Vince & Aunt Susan in the film.

< click on the photo for more information.

In a Cosmo article about Miranda Lambert's video "Vice" a photo of Peggy appears

"Now please also take a moment to enjoy the other star of the "Vice" video, the lady reading a newspaper that just says "CHAOS." That paper gets it."

<< Click the photo to see the article.

Actor 2 Actor Speaker Series

Mike Gasaway and Peggy Schott were guests at Studio E Austin's Actor 2 Actor Speaker Series telling stories of their experiences and offering advice on how to navigate as an actor in the Texas market.


The short film "The Debt" Premiered at the Hill Country Film Festival 2017 in Fredericksburg, Texas,

The film stars Peggy Schott, Nick Stevenson (Orange is the New Black, The Son) and Samantha Ireland (Rooster Teeth) and is written and directed by Chris Dickerson.

The Debt will be screening at Austin Under the Stars Film Festival on October 21, 2017.

<< Click the photo for details


Peggy plays the title role of Louise Kavalier in "Mrs. K", the wife of a super hero. 

While hubby is off at work saving the world a super villain arrives at the house (played by 6'8" Matt Jones).

Written and Directed by Zak Seeker

Rooster Teeth / Vizio "Is GoT a Soap Opera?"

Peggy appears as the Red Lady in this GoT spoof by Rooster Teeth for Vizio with Jon Risinger and Steve Brudniak

< Click on the photo to see the video

COLOSSAL YOUTH - feature film

Peggy plays the mother of the lead character in this coming of age story which features Riker Lynch (GLEE, DANCING WITH THE STARS), Jesse Borrego (24, DEXTER), Troy Osterberg, Valeria Jauregui, Alexa Dowd, Kimmy Caruso, Reece Ryan, Lori Crow, . . .

The Wind and The Wave "Grand Canyon" Music Video

Peggy is the Producer on a music video for the Austin band The Wind and The Wave's song "Grand Canyon".

Directed by Jeff Ray.

<< Click on the photo to see "THE WIND AND THE WAVE - Grand Canyon"


Peggy is thrilled for acting buddy Tanner Kalina, now appearing as Brumley in Linklater's "Everybody Wants Some". 


Temple Baker, Tanner Kalina & Peggy Schott on the set of "When We Burn Out".


PAYDAY - Doritos Crash the Superbowl

The commercial directed by Sarah Butler and Christine Chen of Moth to Flame was a semi-finalist (top 1% of entries) in the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest.

Austin Film Society Artist Intensive Weekend

The AFS Artist Intensive is a focus and mentorship for emerging Texas narrative feature filmmakers.

Peggy was invited to Richard Linklater's ranch to be one of the professional actors at the table read for Annie Silverstein (SKUNK, won first prize at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival–Cinéfondation) and Johnny McAllister's upcoming feature script. 

Mentors attending the read were Richard Linklater (BOYHOOD), Jonathan Demme (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), AZAZEL JACOBS (HBO), Ginger Sledge (BERNIE, PARKLAND), and Elizabeth Avellan (Troublemaker Studios).


Peggy stars as the meek but dedicated worker at a convenience store in this short film.

Directed by Sai Pramod, Produced by Laura Galt-Snavely.

HONOR STUDENT premiered at the Telluride Horror Show

Short film "Honor Student", by Paper Street Pictures featuring Peggy Schott in the lead role of The Woman, made its premier at the Telluride Horror Show.

Following the screening many attendees, including Henry Selick NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, CAROLINE) and Mark Shapiro (LAIKA) sought out director Aaron B Koontz and producer Cameron Burns to compliment the film and Peggy's performance.

Shapiro asked for permission to screen the short film for the LAIKA creative team as an example of 'non-verbal storytelling'.

BOOGER RED at the Austin Film Festival

BOOGER RED (AKA East Texas Trials) is a hybrid narrative/documentary film shot in Texas. Peggy plays the role of the Senator's receptionist in a scene with Onur Tukel.


Peggy met Dani Johnson when they both were interning on Terrence Malick film "Song to Song" in Austin. 

Dani and many other members of that crew went on to work with Jeff Nichols. When Dani wrote a short film based on her own childhood experience, she asked Peggy to play the role of her grandmother. Peggy also worked as an Associate Producer on the film that brought together many of the Malick and Nichols crew members including Wilson Smith as a Producer who also produced the acclaimed film "Krisha".

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